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DevOps is an approach based on lean and agile principles that aim to break down traditional barriers to allow faster software releases. The model feeds on close collaboration, streamlined workflow, and continual feedback. The continuous cycle of automated development, testing, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance that defines DevOps ensures IT agility without compromising reliability or security.

Adopting DevOps

Moving from the traditional mode of operation to the DevOps way can involve changes at multiple levels—team structure, attitude, and tools. Our focus lies on enabling organizations to adapt culturally and automate key processes in development, testing, integration, delivery, and monitoring. Understand how we enable DevOps transformation in enterprises.

If your organization is aiming for fast and seamless delivery of products/services on and off the cloud, DIAMOND START GLOBAL can help you to harness measurable results through our services.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Merge frequently, reduce rollbacks, release faster. Enable faster delivery of quality applications by automating testing and feedback for multiple integrations in a single day.


Package your applications using containers. As light, portable, and self-sufficient units, they standardize configuration and dependencies while facilitating application portability.

Server Orchestration

Consolidate automated processes into a streamlined workflow for process reusability and infrastructure stability. Increase your operational fluidity and efficiency.

Server Support

Continuously monitor servers, networks, applications, and products to mitigate failed transactions, security breaches, and application unavailability.

Server Security

Ensure application availability through server hardening, firewall protection, encryption, safe configurations, security patches, and more.


Harness the original potential of your infrastructure via virtualization of applications, database, desktop, servers, and storage devices as needed.